Antique Collector Looks For Homeless Man To Share Profit

YouTube, Curiosity Incorporated

We shouldn’t dismiss the fact that there could really be treasure in the trash.

Curiosity Incorporated


An antique shop in Edmonton, Alberta called Curiosity Incorporated is visited by a homeless man who’s been their regular walk-in client.

His Name Is Adam

YouTube, Curiosity Incorporated

Adam Gillian would fetch things he finds in dumpers to the antique shop, hoping that it would be worth something.

A “Common” Item


One day, Adam found an old animation cel in a dumpster. The antique store owner, Alexander Archbold, gave Gillian over $20 for an old framed picture of the Disney character, Bambi.

It’s More Than That

YouTube, Curiosity Incorporated

Alexander didn’t quite notice the unique details of the piece, but he was able to sell the old Disney animation cel for an amount that was definitely unexpected.

Looking For Adam


Alexander wanted to give the other half of the profit to Adam, but since he was homeless, he didn’t know where to find him. At that time, the temperatures were dropping so looking for him was pretty hard.

But He Found Him

YouTube, Curiosity Incorporated

To Alexander’s surprise, Adam one day walked into his store again. Unfortunately, he didn’t have the money handy at that time so they just agreed to meet the next day when they sat and had a “Q & A”.

The Real Amount


After sharing stories, Alexander reminded Adam of the item he’d sold. He handed over an envelope with cash, and he told him the item ended up being sold on eBay for $3,700.

More Than Enough


After that, Alexander asked Adam’s permission to put up a GoFundMe for him. He said in a YouTube video, “Adam did get the entire value of the piece. We used the other half for food clothes and a ticket home. Additionally, we were able to raise $18k through GoFundMe.”

Check out the video below to see how Adam’s life changed because of an antique piece.

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