Senior Arctic Fox Gets Rescued After Being Dumped In Dog Shelter

There are several species of foxes in the world, and some of them, despite their fierce personalities, can make good company when you’ve earned their trust.

Predators In The Wild


Foxes are known as undomesticated predators that are “inherently dangerous,” which is why they can be challenging to care for because of their energetic and extremely loud personalities.

Meet Archie

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Archie is a senior blind Arctic fox who has just started adjusting to a life that’s somehow strange to him.

His Story

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Archie was dropped off at a dog shelter in Colorado when he was eight years old because his owners weren’t able to properly take care of him.

He Got Transferred


He then got transferred to a fox rescue in Minnesota, but while he was there, he didn’t want to come out or see other foxes because he was not comfortable with the environment.

Two-Part Rescue Mission


Eventually, Archie got transferred to Arctic Fox Daily Wildlife Rescue, an animal sanctuary with a two-part rescue mission that “provides forever sanctuary to captive-bred and non-releasable foxes and rehabilitates New York native wildlife, with the goal of releasing the animals back into the wild.”

He’s Getting Used To It

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Although he was very reserved when he first got there, eventually, Archie learned to gradually trust his caretaker, Kimberly. He allows her to touch him when she warns him with the word “touch,” and he’s also learned the word “treat”.

A Few Challenges


Because Archie was born blind, he would often bump into things several times but eventually remembers his boundaries.

His Girlfriend

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Archie has a girlfriend named Lulu. The two of them would have play dates with another fox couple at the sanctuary named Tundra and Cleo.

The Best Last Few Years

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Kimberly said that Archie is approaching his 10th year, which is the average lifespan of an Arctic fox so she makes sure that he spends his last few years happy.

Watch Archie’s story of how his life changed with Kimberly in the video below.

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