Artistic Boy Surprises Aunt With Painted Portrait Featured In A Gallery

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We express love in millions of ways. Other people express their appreciation for someone through art.

Second Mom


We all have that favorite aunt who we consider our second mom. We share our secrets and stories, most of the time the ones we’re not comfortable sharing with our own parents, with them.

Meet Lenny

YouTube, Good Morning America

Lenny McNaughton is an 8-year-old artist who made a sweet gesture dedicated to his favorite aunt.

The Mechanics


Lenny joined the Young Archie competition in Archibald Prize where he had to create a portrait of someone who’s very special to him.

His Subject

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The young artist chose his Auntie Steph to be the subject of his portrait as they’ve shared a very special bond with each other since the day he was born.

The Big Surprise

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Lenny and their other family members brought Auntie Steph to the art exhibit. She had no idea that her nephew joined the competition until they passed by his artwork and she noticed something familiar.

Her Reaction

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When she spotted an abstract portrait of a woman wearing a hat surrounded by sunflowers, Auntie Steph said, “That looks like me!” And then she looked closer and realized, “What? That is me!”

A Beautiful Moment

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Auntie Steph gave Lenny a sweet big hug, and then the boy pointed toward the information card that tells the story behind the portrait.

Beautiful Inside And Out


Auntie Steph read the card out loud, saying, “Auntie Steph is a very favorite person because she makes my day brighter. She makes everything fun. Auntie Steph grows her own sunflowers in her backyard [and] gives them to people to make them happy. She’s a beautiful person inside and out.”

Watch Auntie Steph’s reaction to seeing Lenny’s beautiful artwork dedicated to her in the video below.

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