Baby Giraffe Stands Up For The First Time

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Moms are indeed the best support system for growing babies.

The Joy Of Firsts


Parents take delight in witnessing their children’s first word, first meal, and especially their first walk.

Animals Do Too


Like human parents, animals also take pride in seeing their babies grow and take on their first milestones.

Tallest Mammal


Not only are giraffes the tallest mammal on earth, but another fun fact about them is that they spend most of their time standing up.

An Important Milestone

Rumble, borjan

With that being said, their calves standing up for the first time is an important event for giraffe parents to witness.

Moral Support

Rumble, borjan

Like most parents, the mama giraffe lovingly supports her baby as he tries to stand up.

They Succeed

Rumble, borjan

With a few nudges from her mom, the calf finally managed to stand up and his mom must be the proudest giraffe in the room.

For Survival


The calf will definitely make use of the strength his mom is teaching him when he’s finally out into the safari, facing the real world with real challenges.

But For Now, Mom’s Here


The baby giraffe doesn’t have to worry, though, because his supportive mom is there to guide him as he grows up.

Watch how the giraffe mom assists her calf in the video below.

Watch Video Here:

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