Baby Lamb Wags His Tail Whenever He Gets A Hug

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This adorable lamb has an automatic response whenever his caretaker hugs him.

Expression Of Joy


We, humans, express our joy by smiling or laughing, but animals, usually dogs, and other tailed ones wag their tails when they feel excitement or happiness.

Clingy Creatures


Not everyone’s love language is physical touch. Some of us simply like being near our loved ones, but this is not the case for most pets as they feel most loved when they are hugged.

Great Pets?


Lambs are temperate animals that are easy to take care of and respond well to humans. They are social animals. They get along with children and other pets.

Affectionate Animals


These fluffy animals can be playful and comical and form close bonds with humans. Bottle-feeding them forms an even stronger bond as the lamb will think you are their mother.

Meet Peter Pan

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We’re not talking about the flying boy from Neverland. We’re referring to the cute little lamb from Edgar’s Mission Animal Sanctuary in Australia.

Edgar’s Mission

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Edgar’s Mission Animal Sanctuary is a non-profit sanctuary for rescued farmed animals like Peter Pan.

His Favorite Bonding Moment

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Like any other loving animal, Peter Pan loves showing and being given affection through cuddling, and his caretaker knows about this so she makes sure that the little lamb gets her daily dose of hugs.

The “Lamb Lamb Style”

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Whenever Peter Pan’s caretaker scratches his belly or gives him a cuddle, the fluffy little lamb automatically wags his tail, and people at the sanctuary call it the “Lamb Lamb Style”.

Watch Peter Pan’s “Lamb Lamb Style” in the video below.

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