Adorable Baby Is A Big Fan Of His Grandfather’s Saxophone Performances

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Babies are not hard to please. They laugh at small innocent things, and that’s just one of the things that make them adorable.

Grandpa’s Love


Our grandfathers may not show their emotions as tangibly as our grandmas do, but they express their love for their grandkids in different ways – by playing soothing music for them, for example.

Grandpa And I

YouTube, Good Morning America

A man named Joe Sims is grandfather to an adorable baby named Braylon, and the two of them share a special bond.

His Talent


GPops Joe started playing the saxophone in the fifth grade, and his talent for it has not faded through the years.

His Biggest Fan


GPops Joe still plays the instrument, and guess who his biggest fan is – Baby Braylon, of course.

He Adores Him

YouTube, Good Morning America

Baby Braylon’s reaction to his grandpa’s little performance was priceless. He had a sweet smile on his face as GPops Joe played “Itsy Bitsy Spider” with his saxophone.

Sweet Moment

YouTube, Good Morning America

It was indeed a simple but sweet moment between the two. GPops Joe was trying to hold back his tears while playing as he sees his little grandkid’s genuine reaction.

A New Saxophone


Those who have watched the video of Baby Braylon and GPops Joe were moved by how precious the moment was. Someone even initiated a GoFundMe to raise funds to buy GPops Joe a new saxophone.

Bigger Audience


Braylon is now 4 years old, and we bet he still loves watching his grandpa play. He now has a little sister named Nyla so GPops Joe’s audience got a little bigger now that he has a new saxophone for his little house performances.

Watch Baby Braylon’s adorable reaction while watching his grandpa in the video below.

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