Homeless Man Jumps In And Saves Baby In Stroller From Rolling Into Traffic

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We were always taught not to judge people based on their appearance and social status because we won’t know who a person really is until we get to know them well.

Meet Ron

YouTube, 9NEWS

Ron Nessman was a homeless man whose life turned around when he decided to get up from his grief and depression.

His Story


His girlfriend passed away in 2018 which caused him to be depressed. He started living on the streets and only came back to Hesperia, California recently to reconnect with his family and find a job.

Job Hunting

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He just finished a job interview at a local Applebee’s one day when he was sitting on a bench outside a car wash nearby.

A Busy Woman

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It was then that he saw a woman in the parking lot with a baby in a stroller. She was busy moving things around in her car so she had to take her eyes off the baby for a second.

Things Happened Fast

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Right at that moment, the strong wind sent the stroller rolling onto the passing cars on the busy street.

She’s Helpless

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The woman tried to catch the stroller but she ended up stumbling down. She tried to get up quickly but her knees buckled on her and brought her down again.

Ron Stepped In

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Ron immediately swooped in and stopped the stroller from getting onto the busy road. He assured the woman that the baby was safe and rolled the stroller back over to where she was now standing and crying in fear.

A New Chance In Life


Just a few days after his heroic save, Ron found out he had gotten the job he applied for. It was the kind of break he had been waiting for to turn his life around. He said, “I decided to get right. If you want something different in your life, you do something different and that’s where I’m at today.”

An Independent Man


There are a few people who wanted to start some fundraisers for him as a “thank you” for what he’s done on that memorable day, but he turned them down as he wanted to earn his own money with the full-time job he just got.

Watch how Ron saved a baby’s life in the video below.

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