Former Bait Dog Gets Rescued And Becomes A TV Star

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This story is a testimony that no matter how terrible your situation is right now, you’ll never know how redeeming the next seasons in your life will be until you get there.

Meet Abigail

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Abigail is one strong dog who went through a lot of abuse before she got to experience the life she deserves.

Her Old Life


The poor dog was used as a bait dog. A dog fighting ring made vicious dogs attack her for practice until she escaped.

Her Condition

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When the rescuers found her, Abigail was in a critical condition and no one knew for sure if she was going to make it. One whole side of her head was torn off, and her injuries were severely infected.

Vets On The Move


The vets who were treating her said that Abigail was the worst case of any bait dog they’d ever handled. They worked tirelessly to make her better and treated her wounds.

She’s Recovered

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Abigail started to regain strength after just a few days, and she spent the next seven months living in a shelter.

Her New Family

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A couple named Megan and Jason Steinkey took Abigail into their home and introduced her to their other dog named Tala.

Her New Job

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Megan and Jason saw that Abigail and Tala were so gentle and loving so they started training them as therapy dogs.

Abigail Became A Star


Eventually, some executives at Disney found out about Abigail’s story and invited her to an episode of “It’s a Dog’s Life” where they documented her journey and how she has found a home after a terrible past.

Watch Abigail’s life journey in the video below.

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