Enthusiastic Barber Gets Along With His Autistic Clients

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They say that our hair is our crowning glory, which means it’s important that we look neat and sharp all the time.

And Barbers Help With That


Most of us probably have our go-to salon or barber shop where our favorite hairstylist works. We entrust to them how our hair looks because they already know the best style for us.

Meet Vernon

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Vernon Jackson is a barber from Cincinnati whose specialty is working on kids with special needs’ hair.

His Goal


Vernon is also a licensed cosmetologist and author and he now aspires to give barber services to children with disabilities in his Noble Barber and Beauty barber shop.

The Gifted Event


He posted his project on social media and then his friends began reaching out to him, asking how they could be a part of it, so he initiated a project called “The Gifted Event” that provides free haircuts for children with different medical conditions.

One Of His Clients

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One of the kids Vernon gets to be friends with was 7-year-old Ellison Eubanks who has Down syndrome.

They’re Sensitive

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Haircuts can be challenging for kids like Ellison because their anxieties are triggered by the noise of the clippers or the feeling of shaved hair against their skin.

But They Have A Strategy

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Good thing, Jackson is caring and patient with Ellison and they have created a routine that makes the haircut sessions easier – a “Stop and Go” game.

He’s In Control

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When Jackson is shaving Ellison’s hair, he allows Ellison to take control by stopping whenever he says stop and only continues his work when he says go. Not only that, but he’s also generous with telling the little kid encouraging and kind words during their sessions.

He’s A Friend

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For Ellison’s family, Jackson isn’t only their barber, but also a friend. Julie Eubanks, Ellison’s mom, said Jackson gives them a safe space because he treats them just like any other client.

Watch how effective Jackson and Ellison’s “Stop and Go” routine is during their haircut session in the video below.

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