11-Year-Old Best Man Gives Meaningful Speech At Dad’s Wedding

For a lot of people, giving speeches may be an extremely intimidating task, but this young man managed to pull it off.

Meet David And Ashley

David Moreno and his now-wife, Ashley, tied the knot at Art Nouveau in Houston, Texas, and it was a special day for everyone.

His Best Man

Yes, I mean “everyone,” as this was also a special day for David’s 11-year-old son, Aidan, who was also his best man.

All Eyes On Him

Talking stopped as the 11-year-old boy approached the microphone, drawing everyone’s attention to him.

Smart Little Boy

Aidan’s speech showcased both his young innocence and maturity. He talked about how happy he was for his father and how much it delighted him to witness his dad get married to Ashley.

From Fear To Hope

Aidan admitted his fears about Ashley not liking him, but his speech transformed it into a narrative of hope and acceptance.

Funny Kid

In the latter part of his speech, Aidan joked about how Ashley had saved him from his father’s culinary disasters, to which the room erupted in laughter.

Coolest Step-Grandma

He thanked Ashley for welcoming him and his dad into her life, and he also expressed his gratitude to her for giving him “the coolest step-grandma”.

Family Hug

In the end, they raised a toast for the newlywed, and then Aidan shared a heartfelt hug with his dad and his new stepmom.

Watch Aidan’s well-written speech in the video below.

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