Delightful Baby Bison Goes For A Car Ride

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We all love the fresh air breeze when we roll down our windows while driving, but as it turns out, little bison love it too!

Home Buddies


Most pet owners typically get cats or dogs as their buddies at home, but this guy wanted a unique pet for himself.

A Baby Bison


A man from the countryside got himself a baby bison as a pet, and we’re not talking about full-grown broad and muscular beasts with shaggy coats of long hair, but an adorable baby bison.

Cute While They’re Young


It’s fun to imagine living with a baby bison and making the most out of every moment with them while they’re still cute and young because when they get bigger and more muscular, it may become difficult to play with them.

Car Rides Are The Best


It’s normal to see dogs sticking their heads out the car window during a car ride but can you imagine witnessing a bison in the backseat of a passing car?

Out For A Ride

Rumble, cloverfieldranch

The adorable baby bison joins his owner on a road trip one day and it’s the cutest thing ever!

Road Trip With Fam


A lot of families love going on road trips together because of the shared moments inside the car, and this baby bison’s family tagged him along on one of their joyrides.

Dog Or Bison?

Rumble, cloverfieldranch

Just like a dog, the baby bison also sticks his head out the car window and feels the fresh air in the countryside.

I Go Where You Go

Rumble, cloverfieldranch

You can see how spoiled the baby bison is and how tight his bond is with his owner who also shows him affection while driving.

Check out how adorable the baby bison is while chilling in the back seat of the car during a joyride in the video below.

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