9-Year-Old Boy Sheds Tears Of Joy After Being Ill For 3 Years

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Receiving the news that you have cancer is indescribably terrifying. Imagine witnessing a 9-year-old boy go through the pain of battling leukemia.

A Terrible Disease


Cancer is a disease that affects people of all ages and all walks of life. It is something that affects people whatever their race, religion, or age.

Meet Steven

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Steven Cotter Jr. is only 9-years-old but he has been battling his cancer for more than three years.

His Condition


Steven has Acute lymphocytic leukemia (ALL) which is a type of cancer of the blood and bone marrow wherein immature blood cells are produced instead of mature ones.

His Journey


Steven was diagnosed with ALL in August of 2016 when he was just six years old. Finally, after three long years of medication and treatment, he got to take his last chemo pill.

A Special Moment


Steven’s mom, Ashley Cotter, recorded the little boy’s reaction when he was taking his last chemo pill. She posted it on Facebook saying, “This is just a touch of what he’s had to take over the past 3 yrs my baby kicked cancer (butt) with a smile on his face and his head held high I could not be more proud than I am right now!!!!! #peaceoutcancer.”

3 Years’ Worth Of Medications

Facebook, Ashley Cotter

Steven sat down beside the dozens of medications he had been taking which were the physical representations of his brave fight with cancer.

Emotional Moment

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As he gazed out over the medicine bottles, Steven started crying tears of joy over the relief that he’s won against the terrifying disease.

Brave Little Guy

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After boldly standing against cancer for more than three years, Steven has every right to cry after coming out victorious in the battle.

Watch Steven’s reaction after his last chemo treatment in the video below.

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