Thoughtful Bride Hops On A Plane To Have “First Dance” With Grandpa

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Most of the time, our love for someone is tested when we encounter challenging setbacks that may either destroy our relationship with them or strengthen it even more.

Wedding Stress


Planning a wedding can be really stressful, especially when sudden changes need to be made to things you thought were already set in place.

Meet Natalie

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Natalie was about to get married to Cooper Browning when an unexpected thing happened to her favorite grandpa.

He Had A Stroke


Natalie was set to have a momentous dance with her grandfather, Nelson, at her wedding, but he suffered a stroke two weeks before the big day.

A Great Idea

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Because she really wanted her grandpa to be part of her big day, Natalie decided to recreate her wedding by flying all the way from Virginia to Florida.

Complete Attire

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Natalie packed up all her wedding gear and hopped on a flight to Florida where her grandpa lives.

Last Minute Preparations


The beautiful bride did her make-up in the airport while carrying her wedding dress in a pink garment bag.

He’s Well-Prepared

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When Natalie made it to Nelson’s house, the old man was also dressed up in his own fancy clothes, ready to have his “first dance” with his beloved granddaughter.

An Emotional Moment

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Natalie and Nelson had their heart-melting “first dance” in the living room. They were both wearing beautiful smiles as they swayed and twirled in the middle of the room.

Watch how Natalie literally went the extra mile(s) to make his grandpa a part of her wedding day in the video below.

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