Two Brothers Living In Separate Foster Homes Get Adopted Together

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Getting transferred from one foster home to another is already stressful for a kid, let alone having to get separated from his sibling in the process.

Together Forever


Family is the most important thing in life for most people, and just the thought of being separated from those who are dear to you can be upsetting.

Meet Tre and Ke’lynn

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Siblings Tre and Ke’lynn had been in Child Protective Custody for 3.5 years.

Separate Homes

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For most of those three years, they were living in separate foster homes as they had to heal from the trauma they experienced in the past.

Rare Visit

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Tre and Ke’lynn knew that they had only each other to depend on but because of their setup, they only had once-a-month visitation rights.

Their Wish

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When Tre was asked what his only wish is, his simple and honest answer was, “To live with him (Ke’lynn).”

Making It Possible

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Surprisingly, a kind man named Dr. Robert Beck stepped in to help Tre and Ke’lynn. He said, “I was crying mostly because it just pulled at my heartstrings, and I felt an instant connection with the boys, and I said I’ve got to figure out a way to get these boys in my home and learn more about them.”

Becoming Their Dad


Robert fostered Tre and Ke’lynn until the adoption papers were ready, and on July 18, in a North Texas courtroom, Beck surprised the boys.

The Big Day

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When the big day came, Tre and Ke’Lynn thought they were just going to take pictures until Beck revealed the surprise that it was their adoption day. The boys were both emotional when they hugged their new father. It was a beautiful moment for all of them now that they can finally live together forever.

Watch how Dr. Robert Beck made Tre and Ke’Lynn’s wish come true in the video below.

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