16-Year-Old Girl Gets A New Car After Attending A Stranger’s Funeral

Life can sometimes surprise us with unexpected things we never imagined in our lives – like inheriting a car from a random person.

Meet Gabriella

Gabriella Bonam is a 16-year-old teen who received a generous gift from a late resident in Oklahoma City.

Diane Is The Name

The woman we are talking about is Diane Sweeney who passed away on July 7th, 2022 at the age of 68.

Her Life

Diane had a doctorate in statistics from Oklahoma State University and she spent her life in a career in animal health studies and biostatistics.

Her Final Wish

Before she passed away, Diane wished to give away her Volkswagen Beetle to a random attendee at her funeral.

News Spread

Local Oklahoma media outlets covered the story about Diane’s final wish and people from different places, including Gabriella and her family, heard about the mechanics of the raffle.

Jampacked Funeral

People from different backgrounds, ages, and races showed up at Diane’s funeral to pay their respects and to hopefully bring the deceased’s Volkswagen Beetle home.

The Lucky Winner

A year after the funeral, the winner of Diane’s car was drawn, and to Gabriella’s surprise, it was her name that was announced.

Perfect Timing

Gabriella was both surprised and grateful for the unexpected “gift”. She said she had been driving around in a hand-me-down car that had issues and Diane’s generous gift would be life-changing for her and her family.

Watch how Gabriella won a Volkswagen Beetle after attending a random woman’s funeral in the video below.

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