Heroic Dad Chases After Carjacker To Save His Kids Inside Their Stolen SUV

A dad is his kids’ protector. He’ll do everything, I mean EVERYTHING, to make sure his little ones are safe.

Meet Derek

Derek Gotchie is a brave father of four kids from Burnsville, Minnesota.

Running An Errand

Last winter, Derek rode their 2013 GMC Yukon XL together with his family to deliver some presents to a friend, and when they got home, his wife, Deanah, asked him to shut the trunk.

A Strange Man

While Derek was by the trunk, a man who was riding a taxi minivan nearby sprinted up to Derek’s SUV’s open driver’s door and hopped in the vehicle.

What To Do?

Derek was rattled not only because their SUV had just got stolen, but also because his kids were still in the vehicle! Luckily, the thief’s minivan was left open so Derek immediately hopped into it and chased him down.

Wrong Turn

It was quite a car chase, and when they got near Plymouth Avenue, the thief made a turn onto a one-way street where the oncoming cars forced him to make another turn, and this became Derek’s opportunity to get him.


When the thief started turning the car to avoid the oncoming vehicles, Derek rammed the minivan into the stolen SUV which trapped the carjacker behind the minivan and a fence.

Problem Solved

Derek quickly hopped out of the minivan to see if his kids were okay. When Deanah later on arrived at the scene, she asked the cops if they got the kids, and they told her, “Your husband did!”

Dad Things

People were commending Derek for being a hero to his kids, but he refused to call himself one and said, “(I’m) not really a hero, I’m a dad doing dad things. My kids, they are coming home with me no matter what.”

Watch how Derek bravely chased after a carjacker to save his kids in the video below.

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