Adopted Cat Becomes Best Friends With Friendly Husky

Believe it or not, dogs and cats can coexist with one another. Yep, what we see in cartoons as children where dogs always furiously chase after cats is not entirely true in real life.

Poor Kitten

A dog owner named Josh just got off work one day when he spotted a kitten in the bushes on his way home.

Miles’ Reaction

He decided to take the poor kitten home with him. However, he has a husky at home named Miles, so he was curious as to how he would react to their furry visitor.

He’s Gentle

Josh named the kitten Henry and placed him in a pen to give him his own space. However, the curious Miles would often enter Henry’s pen and lie beside the little kitten to observe.

They’re Bonding

Miles and Henry got along well. Miles would sometimes groom Henry as a sign of affection, and Henry began to mimic the things that Miles did.

Finding Henry

One time, Henry got out and sneaked past Josh, so he called Henry and sent him to retrieve the kitten, which he did successfully.

A Cat Or A Dog?

Henry has grown really fond of Miles. Josh even said that sometimes he wonders if Henry doesn’t know that he’s a cat as he usually chews on one of Miles’ bones. He also said, “I think he has no idea he’s a cat. He plays fetch better than Miles.”

He’s A Dear

Eventually, Josh realized that Henry gets along with other dogs as well and is a natural at making friends with other canines.

A New Sibling

So when they adopted another dog into their family named Aayla, it was easy for Henry to get along with her as well.

Watch how Henry adjusted to being part of Josh and Miles’ family in the video below.

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