Cat-Lover Helps Seniors With Terminal Illnesses Rehome Their Cats

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Cats may not be as enthusiastic and energetic as dogs but they can sometimes be as loving and sweet as them.

Meet Grumpy Mack

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Mackenzie is a grumpy cat with a huge following on her Instagram account managed by her owner, Angela Rafuse.

How They Met


They first met during a Christmas celebration at Angela’s grandfather’s home. She tried to take a photo with her grandpa’s cat but got a smack in the head instead.

A Sad Event

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By then, they didn’t know they were about to spend a lot of time together in the future until Angela’s grandfather passed away and no one wanted to take Mackenzie in.

She Adopted Him

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Angela didn’t want to surrender her and let Mackenzie live the rest of her life in a shelter, so she decided to adopt her, and that’s when she started posting their love-hate relationship on social media.

Instagram Star


Mackenzie’s followers are entertained by his grumpiness. Angela posts about things that Mackenzie “hates,” like Thanksgiving turkeys, the beach, road trips, and costumes.

“My Grandfather’s Cat”


Eventually, Angela realized that many people also had to make the hard decision of surrendering their elders’ cats because they couldn’t take care of them, so she established “My Grandfather’s Cat,” a non-profit organization that seeks to rehome cats once owned by terminally ill patients or seniors.

Her Goal


Angela’s goal is for other cats, even the grumpy ones like Mackenzie, to have a forever home even after their first owners are gone.

Happy 100

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My Grandfather’s Cat has already rehomed about 100 cats since it was established, and Angela is not planning to stop anytime soon until she’s helped every cat and cat owner in need as much as she can.

Watch the inspiring story behind My Grandfather’s Cat in the video below.

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