Crafty Cat Owner Makes Cat Slippers Using Feline’s Fur

It’s a fun, slightly crazy way to show creativity and create something out of what some might consider trash.

The Reality

If you are a cat owner, you must accept the fact that your furry little babies are going to shed fur and leave them all over your house – that’s the reality.

A Great Idea

That’s why, one cat owner discovered a perfect idea to turn her unlimited supply of shed fur into something whimsical but functional — slippers, to be exact.

Tiny Slippers

Not for herself, though; rather, for her feline best friend. It’s an artistic journey that might involve some craziness and creativity.

It’s Her Very Own Slippers

These slippers’ unique touch adds even more elegance to their exquisite craftsmanship. The sight of these custom slippers next to their humans’ ordinary ones is so sweet you might want to pinch yourself.

A Long Process

It’s an intricate process only dedicated cat owners will be able to go through – from gathering the fur to the big reveal — slipping them over their muse’s paws. It was obviously cute and the effort was admirable.

The Outcome

The finished product was a masterpiece. It’s like it was made by a professional. Every detail screams “cat-owned”.

The Reaction

However, when the cat named Minira wore the slippers for the first time, she was not quite amused. She seems to prefer going around the house barefoot.


Regardless of the cat’s unamused reaction to the slippers, her owner’s effort was admired by people online as it represents the special relationship that exists between cats and their humans. A bond so strong that it drives us to turn shedding fur into acts of love.

Watch the intricate process of turning cat fur into a pair of slippers in the video below.

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