Playful Cat Gets Caught On Camera Snoozing Dad’s Alarm

Spending time playing and snuggling with our pets is the best part of our day. But when evening comes, one wonders what mischievous things our pets get up to when we’re not looking.

Meet Aaron And Tormund

Aaron Brown and his adorable cat named Tormund share a special bond that goes beyond just pet ownership.

Adjustment Period

At first, Tormund had a hard time getting settled into his new home, but it wasn’t long before he started showing his true, playful nature.

Restless Nights

Lately, Aaron has had a hard time waking up due to restlessness and his alarm not going off, so he’s wondering if Tormund has something to do with it.

You’re On Cam

Eventually, he decided to set up a camera in his bedroom to record Tormund’s activities during the night.

Caught Red-handed

Surprisingly, the video showed Tormund’s antics, such as his jumping from one piece of furniture to another and even curling up next to Aaron, causing a trail of cat hair across his bed.

The Culprit

The footage also revealed that it was Tormund who would press the snooze button on Aaron’s alarm, a funny revelation that might cause consequences for his punctuality.

Charming Cat

Aaron saw that Tormund’s playful ways were only part of his personality, even with the odd mischief he caused. He loved Tormund’s youthfulness and energy, even though they occasionally caused unplanned wake-up calls.

There’s Still Hope

Aaron’s love for Tormund grew even stronger as a result of his shenanigans. As the adorable cat grew older, Aaron hoped that he might become a little more laid back, but for the time being, he was happy to relish the vibrant personality that made Tormund so unique.

Watch how Tormund plays around his owner during nighttime in the video below.

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