Ranching Couple In Their 90s Saves Cattle From Wildfire

Their story goes beyond their fight against the raging fires. It also honors a lifetime of commitment and support for one another.

Meet The Barefoots

Delmer and Mildred Barefoot are a devoted couple living in the midst of the landscapes of the Texas Panhandle.

Their Love Story

The beautiful story of their love started when Mildred first hopped in on Delmer’s 1942 Chevy.

Together Forever

They got married right before Delmer left to fight in Korea.

Through It All

Having been together for more than 73 years, the couple has gone through a lot together: losing their eldest child, their home being destroyed by a tornado, and recently, a devastating wildfire.

No One Left Behind

Recently, when a looming wildfire was threatening to take over their land, their granddaughter-in-law, Rayna Barefoot, spotted Delmer and Mildred wrestling with a gate to save their livestock.

A Story To Be Told

Rayna took a photograph of the couple at work. She said, “We pull up and there they were, both together, trying to open that gate. God told Scott to tell me, ‘take that picture.’ And I did and when I looked at it I thought wow… true grit, you know. This story has to be told.”

Still In Love

Despite the decades that have gone by, their love still endures, and it has become a testament to optimism and unwavering fortitude. Even though they are now in their nineties, Delmer and Mildred are always there for each other, with their friendship as a constant in a world that is changing quickly.

More Years To Come

For them, nothing matters more than just spending time together. Their continuing strength and comfort from one another is demonstrated by their love, which has weathered many storms and wildfires.

Watch Delmer and Mildred’s beautiful love story in the video below.

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