Charitable Cop And Wife Foster Five Siblings Who Lost Their Dad

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Some people consider having a big heart a weakness, but for some, it is a superpower that can help save another person’s life.

Meet Officer Quintana

YouTube, 23 ABC News | KERO

Officer Nicholas Quintana is one of the best examples of cops who go above and beyond in serving and protecting people.

Lunch Break’s Over

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Nicholas was on his lunch break when he got an “abrupt urge” to answer a homicide call the station got that day.

He Headed Out

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He immediately headed to Osaka Pearl Street where a woman with five kids had reportedly just shot her husband.

A Childhood Trauma


Nicholas was personally affected by what the five kids experienced as something similar happened to him when he was a child when a family member of his took the life of his dad.

A Proposition

YouTube, 23 ABC News | KERO

Officer Quintana knew he needed to do something to help the kids, so when his shift was finally over, he immediately went home, talked to his wife, and explained to her that he felt it in his heart to foster them.

Meeting The Kids

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Nicholas said, “Understandably so, she was absolutely reluctant towards it. I was like, ‘Well listen hun, just meet the kids, just meet them, because you might just fall in love with these kids. Just meet them.’”

Family Of 7

YouTube, 23 ABC News | KERO

Nicholas and his wife were able to take all five kids home two days after meeting them. The siblings couldn’t believe that they would all still be together, and are immensely grateful to the couple for their kindness.

Helping The Quintanas


People who heard about their story knew that it’s not easy adjusting from being a child-free couple to a family of 7 in an instant so the North Las Vegas Police Officers Association set up a GoFundMe page to help them with some of the costs of caring for the five children, which has raised over $68,000 as of now.

Watch how Officer Quintana was able to save five siblings from being separated from one another in the video below.

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