Charitable Teachers Give School Custodian A Car

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It seems like the students are not the only ones who are learning something in school.

Meet Chris

YouTube, FOX 5 Atlanta

Chris Jackson is a head custodian at Unity Grove Elementary School in Locust Grove, Georgia, who exerts a lot of effort to do his best work.

Adored By Many

YouTube, FOX 5 Atlanta

Because of his remarkable work ethic, he is loved by people in school, both students and his coworkers.

A Difficult Situation


Lately, Chris had experienced some difficult times and he would go to work on foot. It was frustrating for him because he likes doing things quickly and efficiently but he still managed to perform excellently at work despite it all.

His Goal


When some of the teachers learned about his struggles, and that he was trying to earn enough money to buy a car, they decided to help by initiating fundraising for him.

They Raised $1000


When the teachers fundraised $1,000 in their community, they gave Chris some of that for his immediate needs. Then proceeded to work toward the ultimate goal of buying a vehicle.

Car For Sale


One of the teachers’ friends listed an old car for sale, so they fixed their eyes on that one and made things happen for their school custodian.

Working In Secret


They kicked the fundraising rolling again, this time through a private Facebook group, and just within the day, they had enough funds to purchase the car.

Time For The Suprise

YouTube, FOX 5 Atlanta

During lunchtime, some school staff asked Chris to come to the parking lot to “help them with something.” They walked towards the Chevy Impala, and then one of the teachers plopped the keys into Chris’s hand.

He Was Stunned

YouTube, FOX 5 Atlanta

Chris said in bewilderment, “I’ve loved Impalas since I was a baby! There is a God, oh my stars! Thank you, thank you all. I thank you all.”

Watch Chris’s reaction in the video below.

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