Charming 1-Year-Old Talks Her Way Out Of A Nap

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Little children are so adorable that sometimes, they can get away with anything.

They Hate Sleeping


Adults will agree that they would trade anything to go back to being kids whose only worry in life is not being able to play for hours because their parents want them to take a nap.

Meet Sierra

YouTube, Rumble Viral

1-year-old baby Sierra is one of those kids who hates sleeping, so she uses her charm to talk her way out of it.



When Sierra’s mom checks in on her during nap time, she finds out the little baby is still wide awake in her crib.

Her Companions


Of course, Sierra is accompanied by her stuffed toys. Probably one of the reasons why she doesn’t want to sleep is because she still wants to play with them.

A Gentle Reminder

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When Sierra’s mom reminds her that she should be sleeping by now, she babbles back, probably explaining how sleeping is so boring and she wants to play with her toy donkey instead.

Good Night

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When her mom finally asks her to go to sleep and tells her “Good night,” the little girl adorably rests her head on her hand while still standing in her crib.

Let Me Think About It

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Sierra’s mom then straightforwardly tells her to sleep on her pillow. The baby lets out a giddy laugh as if still believing that she can charm her way out of sleeping.

Gift Of Persuasion


With little Sierra’s persuasion skills, she can definitely make a great lawyer someday or be in any profession that involves debating and persuasion.

Watch how baby Sierra tries to use her cuteness to sneak her way out of sleeping in the video below.

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