Concerned Drivers Help Protect Lost Chihuahua From Highway Traffic

This rescue story showcases the strength of a strong sense of community and the kindness of strangers banding together to save a little dog in need.

A Weird Scenario

On December 5th, a woman named Katie Marie had just gotten out of work and was heading to a pizzeria when she saw something strange happening along the Staten Island Expressway.

Dog On The Loose

She saw a woman stepping out of her car, trying to call a tiny chihuahua to safety, but he decided to run through the traffic instead.

She Followed Him

As the dog, whose name is Bean, ran through the dangerous highway, two cars trailed behind him to try to shield him from the other fast-moving cars.

A Rescue Mission

The drivers frequently stopped and tried to guide Bean toward the HOV lane, but it was a tough mission because the tiny dog was really frightened and wouldn’t trust anyone.

Brave Woman

Later on, a brave woman got out of her car and ran alongside Bean on the expressway while the other drivers stayed close to form a protective barrier around them.

He’s Safe

Finally, Bean was safely captured by the woman with the help of another driver.

Finding His Owner

A local veterinarian’s office and a community Facebook group posted about Bean and he was then reunited with his owner within an hour.

Finally Home!

As it turned out, Bean had run away from home because he was startled by a barking pit bull, but his owner is now relieved and grateful that he made it home safely, thanks to the kind strangers’ perseverance and dedication in looking after the little dog.

Watch the suspenseful event of Bean’s rescue in the video below.

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