Cleanup Crew Member Discovers Poor Puppy In Garbage

This story brings to light the serious and all too often disregarded issue of trash disposal and its effects on all living things.

Routine Cleanup

The Missouri Department of Conservation’s Stream Team was conducting a routine cleanup in North County when they found something within a pile of garbage.

It Was A Puppy

They discovered a tiny 12-week-old puppy sleeping in the midst of filthy trash.

Unlikely Find

Brian Waldrop, a member of the Stream Team, said that they thought the puppy was a carcass at first until it moved.

Poor Pup

The poor puppy was initially hidden within a pile of garbage and ensnared in a black trash bag, and the cleanup crew’s hearts broke at this sad sighting. Brian said, “He was found in a black trash bag in a pile of trash. His first name could have been Hefty, you know.”

You’re In Good Hands Now

After a much-needed bath, the puppy’s once yellowed coat of grime revealed a pure white coat, revealing the neglect he had suffered yet amazingly survived.

A Wake-Up Call

In addition to being a simple act of animal rescue, the discovery made a powerful statement about the environmental problems that the area is currently facing.

Serious Problem

Trash disposal is an issue that affects all environments—rural, urban, and natural—and is not limited to any one place, indicating a worrying lack of concern for the environment and its inhabitants.

Let’s Do Something

The Stream Team’s stunning discovery of an animal among the piles of garbage serves as a sobering warning of the negative effects of careless waste disposal and a wake-up call for us to do something about this alarming issue.

Watch the story of how the cleanup crew found the little pup in the garbage in the video below.

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