Clingy Great Dane Won’t Stop Whining Until He Gets A Hug

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Humans are not the only ones who can have physical touch as a love language. Some animals, particularly dogs, love being clingy with their humans too.

Meet Kernel

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Kernel is a 175-pound Great Dane whose favorite thing is cuddling with his mom, Alyssa.

A Busy Day


Cuddling has always been a part of their morning routine, but one day, Alyssa did not give him his morning hug because they were rushing out to go on a hike.

Kernel’s Reaction

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When they got home from their hike, Kernel was sitting on the couch, whining at Alyssa, and he wouldn’t stop the drama until she gave him a big hug.

He Thinks He’s A Little Dog

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Kernel’s family is fond of his sweetness. He just squeezes in whenever and wherever he feels like it. He always asks his mom for hugs and cuddles as if he thinks he’s a lapdog.

Gentle Giants


According to Hill’s, Great Danes are considered gentle giants. They have the right amount of playfulness and they’re good with children.

Looking For A Friend

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Alyssa used to work at Boston Children’s Hospital so she posted that they are looking for a patient in the hospital who would be interested in being friends with Kernel.

Helping Others

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Someone wrote to Alyssa and said, “One of my patients is in Boston right now. Feel free to reach out if you want to go meet her,” and she connected them with an in-patient who comes in every 6 weeks for treatment.

He’s Now A Service Dog

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Alyssa decided to train Kernel to become a service dog. He now knows how to give gentle licks, nuzzles, and hugs, and even deep pressure therapy. His weight has now come in handy.

Watch how Kernel has brightened up a lot of people’s lives in the video below.

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Source: Animal Channel

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