Clingy Lamb Demands Attention From Owner

YouTube, Lee Walters

If you have a friend or a family member who likes hugs, you probably have an idea what it’s like to have someone bug you for physical touch.

Expression Of Affection


We have different ways and preferences of expressing love to people who are dear to us. Some people love hearing and saying kind words, others love giving and receiving gifts, some of us serve our loved ones in our free time, while others are a fan of physical touch.

Adorable Animals


We might think that animals don’t really care if their owners love them as long as they are fed and well taken care of but the truth is, our pets long to receive gestures of love and affection from us too.

Tiny Bundles Of Cuteness


Lambs are one of the cutest animals we know. Along with their adorable looks, they also behave like a cute little baby sometimes.

Lee’s Farm


A guy named Lee Walters loves hanging out with some of his farm animals when he’s not too busy.

His Little Babies


He owns a lot of sheep with whom he hangs out while he lies on the grass.

Clingy Spring Lamb

YouTube, Lee Walters

As Lee lies on the grass, the spring lambs trot over to him, asking him to give them some attention.

They Love Scratches

YouTube, Lee Walters

Lee starts scratching their heads, and the spring lambs seem to be loving it, and they don’t want the moment to ever stop.

More Scratches Please

YouTube, Lee Walters

When Lee stops scratching the lambs’ heads, they paw at him or press their head into his arm, forcing him to give in to the little babies’ cuteness.

Watch how the little spring lambs get a lot of love from their owner in the video below.

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Source: Animal Channel

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