Clingy Parrot And Dog Can’t Stop Kissing Each Other

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These clingy creatures are not content with just a smack.

Symbol Of Love


We usually see people kissing during a wedding. That’s because it is an act of love for your intimate partner.

But It’s Not Only For Lovers


Kissing is not only for people in an intimate relationship. It can also take place between good friends who are comfortable with each other.

For Families Too


Parents who are not ashamed of expressing their love for their children make sure that they give them good night or random kisses.

Any Kind Of Love


Love comes in different kinds. There’s also a type of love that a pet owner has for his dog, cat, or bird, and they show it by kissing too.

Do Animals Kiss?


Having said all these, the question now is, “Do animals kiss?” Well, the answer is yes.

Clingy Creatures

Rumble, Amazingpets

Bickies, the rainbow lorikeet, and Bailey, the Australian Shepherd, can prove that animals do kiss, and they do not only like kissing. They love it!

No Apparent Reason

Rumble, Amazingpets

Although the reason why Bickies and Baily couldn’t keep themselves off each other is still unknown, it’s pretty obvious that they are really comfortable with each other’s presence.

Amusing Scene

Rumble, Amazingpets

It’s not every day that we can see a lorikeet and an Australian Shepherd kissing because dogs usually chase small animals like birds. That’s why this amusing encounter between Bickies and Baily is really one for the books.

You can watch their delightful video below.

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