Piglet Sleeps On Dog’s Back Every Night

Rumble, CharlottesFreedomFarm

A lot of friendships start during childhood. This does not only happen to humans, but to animals as well.

Dog-Like Creatures


We bet you don’t know that a lot of pigs are smarter than some dogs. They have excellent memories and they love socializing with other animals.

Sleeping Habit


Another fun fact about pigs is they dream, like us, and they love sleeping nose-to-nose. However, this is just an example of a pig’s sleeping habit, because some piglets, like Regan, have another adorable sleeping position in mind.

Meet Regan

Rumble, CharlottesFreedomFarm

Regan the piglet loves sleeping on top of her senior dog friend. Not only do they look cute together, but they are really comfortable sleeping close to each other.

Rescue Piglet


Regan was only 5 weeks old when she got rescued at Charlotte’s Freedom Farm, a sanctuary in Ontario, Canada.

She Made A Friend

Rumble, CharlottesFreedomFarm

The adorable piglet instantly jived with the 16-year-old dog, Ellie, and she then got used to sleeping on her back every night.

Gentle Giant


Usually, dogs can be considered senior when they are about 5 to 10 years old, but they’re likely still healthy, so Ellie is still up to making some friends.

She Doesn’t Mind


The senior dog, Ellie, is really patient with Regan. She doesn’t mind her little buddy climbing up her back and snoozing off on her the whole night.

It’s A Habit


Because pigs are excellent at remembering things, there is not one night that Regan misses to snuggle with her furry friend. It has become a habit and everyone loves seeing them together.

Watch how little Regan climbs up Ellie’s back to sleep in the video below.

Watch Video Here:

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