Rescued Circus Elephant Collapses With Joy After Being Set Free

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A lot of animals are unfortunate enough to fall under the hands of irresponsible humans where they have to endure years of neglect and mistreatment.

Meet Sita And Mia

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Sita and Mia are circus elephants who spent 50 years in captivity.

Their Situation


For years, the two elephants’ feet were confined to chains, preventing them from being able to lie down and rest.

Sad Reality


A lot of wild animals, like Mia and Sita, are taken advantage of by heartless humans who use them for money without giving them the bare minimum of care and love that they deserve.

Rescuing Them

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Fortunately, Wildlife SOS rescued Sita and Mia from the terrible life they were living in the circus.

Feeling Excited

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The two elephants traveled 1,200 miles riding a truck to get to the Elephant Conservation and Care Center in Mathura, and Sita showed her excitement by happily waving her trunk to people passing by.

Undergoing Therapy

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Mia and Sita were taken care of by expert veterinarians to oversee their therapy on their feet. The vets said that the elephants would be needing “warm foot soaks, swimming, exercise on natural soft surfaces, medicine, a specialized diet and lots of rest” to recover physically.

Mia’s Reaction

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Just a few moments after arriving at the rescue center, Mia laid down on the dirt and went into a deep sleep, which was something she wasn’t allowed to do for a long time.

New Friends


The two elephants immediately felt at home in the sanctuary. They seem to be enjoying their newfound freedom, and they’ve also met other elephants in their new home.

Watch Mia and Sita’s inspiring rescue story in the video below.

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