Rescued Dog And Cow Form A Special Bond

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Friendship knows no boundaries. If dogs can be friends with cats, it’s not impossible that they can also be friends with cows.

Meet Susan

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Susan Klingenberg is a proud owner of a unique and adorable pair of pets – a cow and a dog.

Saving A Life


In 2017, Susan attended an auction where she bought Bucket the cow for just $10 to save his life.

The Black “Sheep”

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Susan knew Bucket was the life she was going to save that night. The calf was the tiniest one among the others and no one bid on him so she stepped in and said she wanted him.

Where He Got His Name


Susan named the cow “Bucket” after her “bucket list” because saving a life was one of the things she dreamed of doing.

Instant Best Friends

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She took Bucket home and introduced him to her rescue dog, Colton, who welcomed the cow and accepted him to be her friend.

Their Usual Play

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One of their favorite things to do is play tag. Although Colton runs really fast, there are times when Bucket would outrun her, and they would constantly chase after each other like Bucket is also a dog.

Colton’s Obsession

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One of the things Colton loves most about Bucket is his ears. She likes biting on them (gently, of course) and Bucket doesn’t mind it at all – he even turns to him even more as if he’s also having fun when Colton plays with his ears.

They Love Each Other

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Despite him being way bigger than Colton, Bucket knows how to be gentle when playing with his dog friend. He just loves running and goofing around with her and they don’t seem to notice their differences at all.

Watch the adorable friendship between the rescue dog and cow in the video below.

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