Group Of Friends Saves Cow From Drowning In The Lake

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Some animals just don’t have a keen sense of direction, which is why they tend to stray away from their group.

Recreational Sailing


A group of friends was out sailing on a lake one day when they got into an important mission of saving a life.

Cow In Trouble

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While enjoying a beautiful day in the middle of a lake, the group of friends spotted a helpless drowning cow.

“Help Me”

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When the cow saw them, she had pleading eyes as if asking for help from the strangers on the boat.

What To Do


As for the people onboard, it was difficult to think of a way to send a 720-kilogram cow from the middle of the lake to the shore, so they had to come up with a strategy to lead her to land.

They Got A Rope

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They tried using a rope to tie around the cow’s neck to guide her to shore, but when they did, it only made it harder for the bovine to keep her head above the water.

Someone Had To Come Into The Water

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After the failed attempt of using a rope alone, they had an idea to have someone get into the water to manually help the cow keep her head afloat, and it seemed to be working.

All Hands On Deck


They were quite far from shore so each of them had to exert effort to help the cow breathe while pulling her. The boat driver then began sailing toward the nearest shore.

Mission Success

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When they finally reached the shore, the cow was still confused and scared, of course, from what just happened. She even tried attacking one of the rescuers, but eventually, when the rope had been removed from her head, she realized they were the ones who helped her, and so she went on her way.

Watch how a group of friends saved a drowning cow in the video below.

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