Adventurous Baby Cow Hops On Jet Ski With Dad

This story will definitely make your head turn because yes, that really is a cow on a jet ski!

Meet Ollie

Ollie is a baby cow who has a strong attachment to his human family and an adventurous attitude.

Lively Dog

Ollie stood out from the time he joined his human family because of his natural curiosity and boundless energy.

Hot Summer Day

On an especially hot Summer day, when he saw his dad swimming in the water, Ollie jumped in and swam out to him.

He Loves The Water

Since then, Ollie’s water experiences began. You’d think he’d be scared, but he was a natural in the water.

Family Bonding

His love of swimming helped him bond with his human family.

His Siblings

He also has a fun-loving relationship with his dog siblings, Huck and Chewy. Look how cute they are together!

A Cherished Family Member

The most remarkable thing about Ollie’s journey might be how easily he fit in with the family and started doing things that were usually only done by dogs.

Interspecies Relationship


It is certainly remarkable the relationships we can build with different species.

Watch how Ollie plays in the water with his family in the video below.

Watch Video Here:

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