Off-Duty Officer Performs CPR On Baby On The Side Of The Road

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Emergencies can happen anytime. It doesn’t wait for first responders to be on the clock, so it would be nice if everyone would be ready to help at all times.

To Serve And Protect


Two of the main duties of a police officer is to serve and protect the citizens of the country – not only from criminals but even from other things that cause them harm.

Meet Officer Troche

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Officer Gilbert Troche of the San Pablo Police Department did a heroic act even outside his duty.

He’s On Leave


He was out enjoying his rest day with his family in Livermore, California by watching a movie. They were driving home when he saw something suspicious.

A Woman In Distress

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He saw a woman on the side of the road near a stopped car with her baby against her shoulder and clearly troubled.

He Wasn’t Breathing


The woman was crying hysterically, and when Officer Troche looked at the baby, he saw that his face was turning blue and he wasn’t breathing.

Saving The Baby

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Officer Troche immediately performed CPR on the baby while the mother tried to clear his mouth. He then looked back toward his family in the car and told them to call 911.

He’s Alive


After a few minutes, the baby’s throat was cleared. He threw up then started crying, which is a good sign that he’s now okay.

Commending His Heroism


Officer Troche’s department posted his story on Facebook. It said, “Officer Troche’s heroic actions are nothing short of a miracle and we are extremely proud to have him as a member of our Police Department.”

Watch Officer Troche’s inspiring story in the video below.

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