Friendly Crow And Little Boy Form Deep Friendship

This story showcases the complex nature and beauty of wildlife and the amazing relationships that may happen when different species coexist.

Meet Russell

Russell is a rescued crow who has become a part of a loving family with two little boys.

His Story

One day, Laerke’s husband found him when he was out working. The little crow was very thin and helpless at the time.

They Took Him In

They tried to call a wildlife rehabilitator but there wasn’t any nearby who could take him in so their family decided to bring him home and take care of him themselves.

Part Of The Family

Now, even when he’s already healthy enough to fly and go where he wants to go, he refuses to return to the wild and insists on staying with the family.

Best Friends

In fact, he has formed a special bond with the family’s eldest son, Otto, who also loves being around the friendly crow.

He’s An Official Member

Russell joins in on family TV nights, swoops through windows when he sees someone’s home, and loves playing with Otto every single day.

Love-Hate Relationship

He’s also fond of the family’s cats and dogs and loves goofing around them and teasing them for fun.

A Cherished Member

With Russell around, Otto’s family’s everyday life has become an amazing journey that has forged a close bond with the natural world.

Watch how Russell became a beloved member of Otto’s family in the video below.

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