Curious Baby Enjoys The Rain For The First Time

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There are lots of ways to appreciate the beauty of nature. While some people love hiking or surfing on the beach, others just love sitting on their porch watching the rain pour.

Loving The Rain


There’s something about the rain that is so calming, and even some babies (like baby Harper) will agree how enjoyable it is to watch the raindrops pour over your head.

Meet Harper

YouTube, Swift Family

Harper Swift had an adorable reaction when she got to feel the pitter-patter of the rain for the first time when it rained in their city.

Summer Rain


It was August, and summer was about to end so when it rained one day, Harper showed interest in experiencing the rain for the first time.

First Try

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Harper’s dad picked her up and he could tell that she really wanted to be outside in the rain so he ran out of the garage with the little girl in his arms.

Cute Giggles

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Harper started smiling and laughing while feeling the rain pour down on her skin. After a few seconds, they ran back inside but Harper reached outside again as if she was saying that she wanted to play in the rain again.

Time To Explore

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Eventually, Harper’s dad set her down so she could explore all by herself while enjoying the rain.

They’re Both Enjoying The Rain

YouTube, Swift Family

You can see on Harper’s dad’s face that he’s enjoying the rain too because he’s sharing the moment with his daughter.

A New Experience


It’s moments like this that strengthen the foundation of the bond of a parent with their child. Simple things like playing with your little kid in the rain can build the child’s trust with the parent.

Watch the beautiful moment Harper and her dad shared under the rain in the video below.

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