Curious Deer Becomes Friends With Dog Over Fence

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Friendships don’t always come easy. There are times when hindrances and barriers come between two friends – a fence, for example.

Interspecies Friendship


It’s not that rare to see two animals from different species form an adorable friendship. We often see cats and dogs live peacefully inside a house but a dog and a deer being the best of friends? Now that’s new.

Meet Huey


Huey is a dependable dog rescued nine years ago by his mom named Holly Faulconer, and he has become very much protective of her.

Uninvited Guest


One day, Holly saw a deer on her property, trying to steal some seeds from her bird feeder, but instead of telling the deer to go away, she found it interesting.

Meet Sassafras


Holly named the deer Sassafras, and eventually, she started visiting Holly’s yard for a completely different purpose.

A New Friend

Instagram, hollister_faulconer

As it turns out, Sassafras has formed a special bond with Huey.

Huey’s Reaction

Instagram, hollister_faulconer

Holly said, “Huey was a little confused at first and definitely cautious. I would just talk to them both and make sure they both felt safe. Slowly, they just started talking over the fence!”

Precious Friendship

Instagram, hollister_faulconer

Once the two animals warmed up and got comfortable with each other, they started to bond over the fence.

Daily Visit

Instagram, hollister_faulconer

According to Holly, “This deer visits a few times a week,” and it might have taken her a few visits before getting Huey’s complete trust, but now they’re best of friends and are probably thinking of how to get rid of the fence that’s separating them.

Source: Animal Channel

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