Curious Moose Casually Strolls By An Elementary School

It’s not every day that a giant creature from the wild pays a visit to a nearby town, which is why this wandering moose has become an instant celebrity.

Normal Morning

Teachers and students at Naquag Elementary School were getting ready to start the day when an unexpected guest strolled by.

A Witness

Bonnie Albert, one of the school staff, and her coworkers were getting ready to welcome their students at 8:35 in the morning when they noticed a giant moose right outside.

Crazy Encounter

They were all stunned to see the giant creature live and in person, and it was fascinating how calm and composed the moose was.

Just Passing By

The moose made its way past the school and even stopped to peer curiously through the windows from time to time.

Instant Celebrity

As the moose meandered along the path where parents drop off their children, lots of people took out their phones to capture the once-in-a-lifetime moment.

The Tour Went On

The moose seemed to be aware of its curious audience. It continued its tour calmly as it made its way through the school premises.

Where Did It Come From?

No one knew for sure where the moose came from, but the Rutland State Park is just nearby so it might have emerged from there.

Its Destination?

As for its destination? The giant moose seemed to be making its way toward a local Dunkin’ – probably to grab a cup of coffee to start the day.

Watch the students’ and teachers’ reactions to seeing a giant moose passing by their school in the video below.

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