60-Year-Old Woman Asks “Makeover Guy” To Cut Off All Her Long Curly Hair


Being called beautiful is one of the things women really love. This is why a lot of older-aged women do whatever it takes to maintain their timeless beauty.

Where Magic Happens


Most women see salons as a haven for them. This is probably because they come in here as simple as they are, then they come out as a brand new person after a makeover.

The Makeover Guy


Christopher Hopkins, also known as The “Makeover Guy,” runs a famous “appearance studio” in Minneapolis, Minnesota that gives people from around the world a glam makeover.

His Specialty


One of the great things about The Makeover Guy is that he specializes in helping men and women over the age of 45.

Meet Deb


In one of his “episodes,” 59-year-old Deb visits Christopher’s studio.

Her Goal


Deb says she wants to look as young as 35 years old, and she knows a big part of the process is getting a major hair transformation.

Maintain The Curl


Christopher says in his video, “Deb wanted short hair. I actually thought the same thing upon first meeting her, but assumed, like most, that she’d want to leave her length and use her natural curl. She did not. It was a blast.”

The Result


Deb’s look after the makeover is far from her before-look. Her long hair is gone, and she’s got a brand-new bronzed look with her makeup.

People’s Reaction


However, some commenters aren’t happy about the result. One person said, “I thought she was gorgeous and a bit wild-looking before… I know she wanted it short but I think it really aged her… sorry my first ‘not happy’ comment EVER!”

What Deb Thinks


Despite people’s criticisms, Deb is confident and content with The Makeover Guy’s work. She says in the video that she’s the one who told him to go as short as he could, and she’s happy with the result.

Watch Deb’s amazing transformation in the video below.

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CURLYTOPBABY 3 months ago
I think she beautiful love what hairdresser did great job the color was perfect made her look younger the cut is awesome done I would go to him he great !!! She like it and don't matter what other say She happy With it !!! curlytopbaby
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