Supportive Dad Dances Along To Cheerleader Daughter’s Routine

The father is the strongest member of the family. They are expected to have strength, authority, discipline, and firmness in the household.

But Sometimes, They Just Wanna Have Fun

Despite society’s expectation for dads to always be authoritative, most dads know when to be firm and when to be laid back and have fun with their family.

Meet Andre

Andrè Simmons is a proud dad to 5 kids and a loving husband to his wife, Cecelia.

His Profession

Alongside his being a family man, he is also an infantryman, which means he’s often away from home.

Making The Most Out Of Every Second

Whenever he’s home, he makes sure to spend all of the time he has with his family. He said, “I love to try to be super dad when I’m here and create those lifelong memories and it’s something for us to look back on and enjoy together.”

His Beautiful Teen Daughter

One of those times was when he made an inspiring gesture to his 15-year-old daughter, Jazlyn, during one of the football games at Temple High School.

Dancing Dad

Cecilia recorded Andre dancing along to Jazlyn’s cheer dance routine, and it’s the most adorable thing ever. He said, “Once I got it down pat, I just jumped up there when I heard the band finally bring the song up and I got up there and did it with her.”

He Wants To Be A Cheer Dad

Cecilia said that many people are expecting for Andre to want his kids to become football athletes like him, but she said, “Everyone always asks Andrè Simmons about the boys continuing his football legacy little do they know he’s waited his whole life to be a cheer dad.”

Instant Celebrity

At that time, Andre couldn’t care any less for anyone else in the stadium. He just wanted to make up for all the time lost while he was away from his family by doing this fun gesture and we’re sure that Jazlyn appreciated it and had fun as well.

Watch Andre’s fun dance moves in the video below.

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