Rescue Dairy Cow Has An Emotional Reunion With Calf

A mother’s love for her child stays true forever – no matter the distance and situation.

Meet Maybelle

Maybelle is an 8-year-old dairy cow whose story emphasizes the close relationship that animals have.

Her Life

Her entire life comprised several gestational periods during which she was separated from her calves and her milk was collected for human use.

She’s Retired

When her productivity waned, instead of sending her off to get slaughtered, her owners recognized her worth and decided to look for a sanctuary for her retirement.

The Gentle Barn

That’s when the Gentle Barn, an animal sanctuary that focuses on the rescue and rehabilitation of animals while using their stories to foster healing in humans, stepped in.

Distressed Cow

During her first weeks in the sanctuary, she was always pacing and weeping uncontrollably, displaying signals of discomfort that perplexed her caretakers.

Abandoned Calf

The sanctuary staff was initially informed that Maybelle had no babies, but when they investigated further, they learned that she left behind a calf named Miles.

The Negotiation

The Gentle Barn staff worked to negotiate Miles’ release, which paved the way for a reunion that would warm the hearts of everyone who saw it.

The Reunion

Maybelle’s moving act of maternal love was evident when she heard Miles’ voice from inside the transport trailer as her baby was being carried to the sanctuary.

Together Forever

Miles went to his mother as the doors opened, their cries joining together in a symphony of relief and happiness.

Watch Maybelle and Miles’ touching reunion in the video below.

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