Adorable 4-Year-Old Dances To Gospel Song

He’s got the music in him and it’s oh-so adorable!

Lovable Kid

A 4-year-old child has taken the internet by storm with his touching demonstration of happiness and faith, winning over millions of fans.

He’s Got Moves

He is completely caught up in the gospel music, shown by how he’s clapping his hands, tapping his feet, and singing along.

Dressed For The Occasion

The kid is wearing a snazzy blue suit, certainly dressed for the occasion. Every performer has got to look good, after all!

An Inspiration

It is incredibly heartwarming to witness such a young kid be impacted by gospel music. Music really can bring people together and it’s so nice to see.

Grandma’s Pride

His grandmother posted the video, and she has proudly watched as it has received millions of views from all over the world. She said, “If you want your children to love ball games, take them to a ball game. If you want them to love something that one day will touch their hearts, take them to hear gospel music. There is none better.”

A Significant Reminder

The little boy’s joy speaks to a basic human need in all of us – maybe even bringing back memories of our own early years or our dreams for our own kids.

A Symbol Of Hope

Just watching how this little boy loses himself in music and faith can make anyone’s day. It’s the perfect video to share with your loved ones.

Watch this jolly little boy dancing along to gospel music in the video below.

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