Couple Trying To Conceive For 2 Decades Finds Out They’re Pregnant A Few Weeks Before Due Date

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Building a family is a common dream for most of us. It brings a lot of joy to a family whenever a new baby is born.

Meet Patty And Brad

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Patty and Brad Taylor are a happy couple from Mounds, Oklahoma who now has two lovely children.

A Special Baby

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Their youngest kid, baby Leighafae, is an answered prayer for the Taylor family as they all waited for her for 20 years.

20 Years In The Making


Patty has Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), which makes it difficult for her to bear a child. Its symptoms include irregular menstruation so she didn’t worry too much when she skipped a few months of menstruation before she found out she was pregnant.

Negative Results


She also took several pregnancy tests when she noticed she was gaining weight, but they all gave negative results.

A Couple’s Vacation


Patty and Brad even went on their dream vacation to Prague before they found out about her pregnancy. During their vacation, the couple spent every day of their week-long trip walking around for about 7 or 8 miles a day.

The Great News


When they returned home, they visited their OBGYN and received the good news that they were having a baby. However, they also learned that their baby’s due date was in just a few weeks, so they only had a short time to prepare for her birth.

Celebration With Friends

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Patty and Brad told their baristas at their favorite coffee shop, the Dry Creek Coffee Shop, about their pregnancy, and the staff, who have already become their friends, were so happy for them and threw a last-minute baby shower for the couple.

Big Bro

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Their 20-year-old son, Johnny, was also elated to finally have a little sister. He said, “I was honestly really excited. I’ve always wanted a sibling, I just never expected it like this.”

A Family Of Four

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Baby Leighafae is now 4 months old and continues to give joy to her family. She, indeed, is a gift from heaven – a precious angel her parents have always prayed for.

Watch how Patty and Brad found out that they were having a miracle baby in the video below.

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