Sweet Rescue Dog Loves Lying On The Couch With Layers Of Blankets Wrapped Around Him

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We all have different preferences. While some of us love doing physically tiring activities, some people prefer spending their day off on the couch, watching movies while eating snacks.

Meet Hero

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Hero is an American-Staffy Boxer mix who’s one of those who love lying down on the couch while snuggled in comfy blankets, probably because of his past.

His Story


Hero used to live with his homeless owner in California. Although he was well-loved by his owner, it was hard for them to survive together, given that they don’t have a home and stable source of income to buy meals so he decided to give him up to a shelter.

He Got Transferred

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The poor doggo ended up in Canada because the shelter system in California was overpopulated, and that’s where he met his forever home.

Meeting Sarah

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Sarah and her husband became Hero’s foster parents. When they took him out for a little walk in their neighborhood, that’s when she knew she loved the dog and wanted to adopt him.

Coming Up With The Decision

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Sarah didn’t want to decide all by herself so she first asked her husband what he thought of Hero and if he wanted to adopt him. When her husband said, “I think he would probably be a good fit,” she couldn’t help but respond, “Good! Because I want him so bad and I love him!”

The Feeling Is Mutual

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As it turns out, her husband also loves Hero and badly wanted to adopt him as well. He just didn’t want to be the one to decide first. So eventually, he and Sarah ended up adopting Hero.

His Favorite Spot

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They observed that Hero loves to lie down on the couch while wrapped in layers of blankets. He loves to play with them but hates going out, probably because he used to spend most of his days moving from one place to another with his previous owner.

Helping Him Adjust

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Sarah and her husband would try to encourage Hero to go outside by trying to get him to walk to the end of the driveway. Her husband would sometimes pick him up and walk with the doggo in his arms before placing him down to walk on his own. Eventually though, when he gets tired, Sarah’s husband would then carry him all the way home.

He’s Smart


Sarah also noticed how intuitive Hero is. One time, she came home from a bad day at work. When Hero found her sitting on the floor, crying, he fetched their bath mat, which is his one of the things that bring him safety and comfort, and gave it to her.

See how lovable and adorable Hero is in the video below.

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