Heartbroken Dog Says Goodbye To Her Friend After A Highway Incident

YouTube, Stray Rescue of St.Louis Official

Dogs have pure hearts, and people who have encounters with dogs who helped them and stayed with them through thick and thin will agree that these furry friends are indeed a man’s best friend.

A Commotion


Donna with Stray Rescue of St. Louis was with another dog when she got jammed into traffic on Highway 70 in the city.

A Car Accident

YouTube, Stray Rescue of St.Louis Official

A group of people was gathered around a dog who had been hit by a car and his loyal friend was guarding him and barking loudly, asking for help.

Rescuing The Dogs

YouTube, Stray Rescue of St.Louis Official

Donna got the two dogs. She named them Heart and Soul and drove them back to the shelter as Soul was seriously hurt.

Examining Soul


The staff immediately sedated Soul to get x-rays. Heart was so worried for her friend the whole time and did everything to try to stay close to her friend.

Devastating News


Sadly, Soul’s back was severely damaged and wouldn’t be able to heal anymore so Stray Rescue of St. Louis determined that it would be best to say goodbye to the poor dog.

Painful Goodbye

YouTube, Stray Rescue of St.Louis Official

Before Soul was put to sleep, the rescuers brought Heart to him “to say goodbye to her friend”. It was an emotional moment for everyone and not a single person in the room could hold back their tears from watching such an emotional moment.

Moving On


Afterward, the shelter staff sent Heart to “an apartment with big, cushy blankets and sat with her.” The grieving dog was reluctant to accept company at first, but then she didn’t want the kind rescuers to leave her.

A New Chapter


The rescuers gave her a bath the next morning. They plan on introducing her to other dogs soon and then putting her up for adoption in hopes of her having a loving forever family.

Ready your tissues and watch the emotional moment of Heart saying goodbye to her friend, Soul, in the video below.

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