Rescued Dog From Hot Car Becomes Part Of East Haven Fire Department Station

Fate brings us to where we are really destined to be.

A Hot Day

On August 20, the temperature in East Haven reached up to 122 degrees Fahrenheit, and people had been looking for ways to cool down.

No Pets Allowed

A family with a dog tried to go to the beach, but since pets are not allowed in there, they went back to the car and locked their poor pup up.

Rescue Came

A passerby noticed the distressed dog and reported the situation. Later on, rescuers came and took the poor pup to the local animal shelter.

They Gave Him Up

The owners were given options to either take a summon to go to court and face charges or surrender the dog, and they chose the latter.

Good People

The dog was then taken to the town hall where he met with East Haven Fire Chief Matthew Marcarelli and East Haven Mayor Joseph Carfora who saw how adorable and friendly the dog was.

Chief’s Idea

Chief Matthew, upon meeting the dog, thought of a way to allow him to be a part of their community and service. He said, “Once I saw his personality and everything, (I) really started to get my gears turning about bringing him back here as a station support dog.”

Meet Riggs

The fire department created a poll and asked their staff what they should name the new part of their team, and that’s how the adorable doggo got the name “Riggs”.

An Important Role

Riggs is now a vital part of the fire department. Chief Matthew described his role, saying, “How we envision his role is to endear himself to the personnel and it helps them mitigate with the stressors of the business… post-traumatic stress… (Riggs) allows them to redirect their energy from that into the dog.”

Watch how Riggs became the newest member of the East Haven Fire Department Station in the video below.

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