Little Lost Dog Jumps For Joy During Reunion With Owner

When one is lost, they are unsure of how to proceed, what to do, or where to go, and it’s even worse for dogs because when they get separated from their owners, they have completely no idea on what is going on that they might think they had been abandoned because they’re not loved anymore.

Meet Panfilo And Roughiatou

Roughiatou Sotelo and her dog, Panfilo, are two best buds from Maryland who love going on adventures together.

Road Trip

Roughiatou is a truck driver and always on the road so she brings Panfilo along to keep her company.

One Unfateful Day

One day, they were traveling through the West Coast when Roughiatou stopped by Santa Fe, and that’s when Panfilo ran off and disappeared.

Going Home Alone

Roughiatou spent hours looking for Panfilo but to no avail. Eventually, she had to leave the state without her dog, and it was probably the saddest drive back home for her.

The Search Continues

In the next couple of days, Roughiatou monitored different local shelters in the area where she and her dog got separated to see if Panfilo ended up in one of them, but there was no sign of him anywhere.

On The Other Hand…

Little did she know that Panfilo found his way to the Santa Fe Animal Shelter and Humane Society where he was taken great care of and had lots of enrichment activities including nose work or a scent training activity where dogs are stimulated physically and mentally by making them find different things.

She Saw Him

17 days after Panfilo went missing, Roughiatou came across a post from Santa Fe Animal Shelter and Humane Society where a dog, named by the shelter as Hopper, looked exactly like her beloved lost dog.

It Was Him

Roughiatou contacted the shelter and after confirming that he was indeed her dog, she immediately booked a flight to Santa Fe to finally be reunited with Panfilo.

Sweet Reunion

Upon smelling his owner’s scent, Panfilo ran through the kennel to the shared area where he was greeted with cuddles and a firm embrace by Roughiatou. Even the shelter employees were unable to contain their tears during the reunion but of course, Panfilo and Roughiatou were definitely the happiest ones in the room.

Watch Panfilo and Roughiatou’s sweet reunion after being separated for more than half a month in the video below.

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