Domesticated Duck Waits For His Friend To Come Home From School

YouTube, Jonny and Nibbles

Most of us are not a fan of waiting, and this duck is a good example of how some of us react to seeing a friend or a loved one again after being away for a long time, or in this case, for a day.

Clingy Pets


If you have a dog, you probably know how they tend to overreact when we finally get home after a long day of work or school, but we just found out that even ducks react the same way.

Meet Nibbles

YouTube, Jonny and Nibbles

Nibbles is a Rouen who’s fond of his human friend Jonny.

His Sad Past


Nibbles’ mom passed away before he hatched and then he was adopted by the Toschi family.

His Best Friend


Since then, Nibbles has formed a solid bond with 10-year-old Jonny. They spend a lot of time together, and it’s kinda hard for the duck to be away from his human.

A Day At School


Of course, Jonny has to go to school during weekdays, so he doesn’t really have a choice but to be away from his duck friend until his school bus drops him off at the end of the day.

Patiently Waiting

YouTube, Jonny and Nibbles

There was this one instance when Nibbles was waiting for Jonny to get dropped off by his school bus. The domesticated duck was patiently waiting for his best friend to come out of the yellow bus.

He’s Excited

YouTube, Jonny and Nibbles

Once he saw Jonny, Nibbles’ face lit up as he watched his friend walk toward the car.

Happy Quacks

YouTube, Jonny and Nibbles

When Jonny opened the door, Nibbles let out a series of joyful quacks as he was greeting his best friend.

Watch the adorable video of how Nibbles excitedly greeted Jonny below.

Watch Video Here:

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