Amazon Driver Retrieves Abandoned Baby In A Car Seat On The Side Of The Road

YouTube, ABC News

Weird things can happen any day. You might just be going about your daily routine until one moment, you find yourself saving a little baby from harm.

On The Job

YouTube, ABC News

An Amazon delivery driver named Juan Carlos Flores was just going through his assigned route for the day when he noticed something by the sidewalk.

An Abandoned Baby

YouTube, ABC News

He came to check and he saw that there was a baby inside the carrier. He said, “When I saw that baby, I wanted to cry… How could someone have (the) heart to leave the child on the side of the road?”

Calling The Neighbors


He then went to a nearby neighbor’s house and asked them if the child was theirs, but they said no. The homeowner came out, took the car seat inside, and called the police.

Finishing His Route


Juan Carlos then went on his way to finish dropping off the packages he was yet to deliver, but he made sure to come back later to check on the baby.

The Cops Have Arrived


On his way back, Juan Carlos stopped by where the baby was found to see how things were going. The police were already there and were conducting a search of the entire area.

What Happened


Upon reviewing a nearby CCTV, the police saw in the video a man pulling over, and then dropping off the car seat on the side of the road. As it turns out, the man in the footage had stolen the car and didn’t realize a baby was in it.

He’s An Angel

YouTube, ABC News

According to the footage, the baby was sitting there for about 20 minutes before Juan Carlos stepped in and picked him up a few hours before the police connected the baby to the mother who filed a report about her missing car and baby.

Watch how Juan Carlos saved a baby’s life in the video below.

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